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Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Shams Al Sahil products comes with the warranty duration varies depending on the product's specifications and usage.
  • To avail of warranty services, customers must present the original invoice, and the defective product within the warranty period. Alterations to product details or warranty card will void the warranty.
  • Shams Al Sahil reserves the right to repair or replace defective products at their discretion. All replaced parts become property of Shams Al Sahil.
  • Defective products must be serviced by authorized Shams Al Sahil centers to maintain warranty validity. Transport costs to and from the service center are not covered.
  • Service exchange units may be provided for repair or replacement, and data storage media must be removed before servicing. Shams Al Sahil is not liable for data loss during repair or replacement.
  • Out-of-warranty repairs may incur service fees, and the warranty does not cover damages unrelated to material, design, or workmanship.
  • The repair or replacement process begins upon submission to a Shams Al Sahil Service Center.

The Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Routine maintenance, checks, and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear are not covered.
  • Misuse or abuse of the product, including failure to follow product usage and maintenance instructions, voids the warranty.
  • Use of unauthorized accessories with the product may result in defects not covered by the warranty.
  • Incorrect installation or usage contrary to the instructions in the user manual or installation by unprofessional may lead to product failure, not covered by warranty.
  • Damage caused by accidents, natural disasters, or events beyond Shams Al Sahil control, such as water, fire, or power surges, are not covered.
  • Unauthorized modifications void the warranty.
  • Battery damage from overcharging, use of unapproved chargers, or tampering with battery seals is not covered.
Long term warranty